Zu Risiken und Nebenwirkungen

("Side Effects")

The ambitious scientist MARTIN RAUH feels pretty close to find a cure for Malaria. But the subsidies get canceled and his last chance is his former lover CORNELIA SCHILLING, who is now in charge of the budget at one of the world leading pharmaceutical companies. Schilling makes Rauh an offer he can't refuse, but the price he'd need to pay would be the biggest moral sacrifice ever.

Short, 9 Minutes, Germany, 2013


Cast: David C. Bunners, Wiebke Frost

Screenplay: Markus Staender

Director of Photography: Clemens Baumeister

Editing: Anna-Kristin Nekarda

Music: Karol Obara

Producer: Paul Iserentant & Jochen Gottlöber

In Coproduction with SWR/arte