TATORT: Der höllische Heinz  ARD/MDR
TV Feature, 90 Min, Director

TV Feature, 90 Min, Director

Notruf Hafenkante  ZDF
TV Drama/Medical, 5 episodes, Director

Erledigung einer Sache (The Last Will) arte/SWR
Short, 20 Min, Director

Zu Risiken und Nebenwirkungen  arte/SWR
Short, 9 Min., Director

Die Hand vor Augen
Short, 26 Min., Screenplay & Director

Short, 22 Min., Screenplay & Director

Das Schuhwerk der Soldaten  arte/SWR
Short, 14 Min., Director

Rolltreppe abwärts
Feature Film, 73 Min., Screenplay, Director, Producer


Tatort: DÉjà-vu

Der neunjährige Rico Krüger verschwindet spurlos. Bald darauf finden Jugendliche seine Leiche in einer Tasche am Elbufer. Die Dresdner Ermittlerinnen Henni Sieland und Karin Gorniak werden mit der emotionalen Wucht einer solchen Tat konfrontiert. Die Bürger sind in Aufruhr, die Medien schüren Angst, schnelle Ermittlungsergebnisse werden gefordert.

Cast: Alwara Höfels, Karin Hanczewski, Martin Brambach, Alice Dwyer, Benjamin Lillie u.a.

Screenplay: Mark Monheim & Stephan Wagner

Director of Photography: Clemens Baumeister

Editor: Anna-Kristin Nekarda

Music: Dürbeck & Dohmen

Commissioning Editor: Sven Döbler (MDR)

Producer: Tanja Marzen

Executive Producer: Nanni Erben, Quirin Berg, Max Wiedemann

A Wiedemann & Berg Television GmbH production for ARD/MDR


Erledigung einer Sache

("The Last Will")

To fulfil the last will of his mother, young JAKOB ADLER needs to meet his biological father, who is inmate of a forensic psychiatric hospital for murdering his own brother 25 years ago. Jakob wants to talk to the doctor in charge DR WEISS beforehand and unfolds the true scale of the tragedy that happened a long time ago.

Cast: Ludwig Trepte, Robert Hunger-Bühler, Nina Petri

Screenplay: Belo Schwarz based on the short story by Håkan Nesser

Director of Photography: Clemens Baumeister

Editing: Daniela Hölzgen

Producer: Christopher Zwickler & Julia Moya

A Von Fiessbach Film production

In coproduction with SWR/arte


Zu Risiken und Nebenwirkungen

("Side Effects")

The ambitious scientist MARTIN RAUH feels pretty close to find a cure for Malaria. But the subsidies get canceled and his last chance is his former lover CORNELIA SCHILLING, who is now in charge of the budget at one of the world leading pharmaceutical companies. Schilling makes Rauh an offer he can't refuse, but the price he'd need to pay would be the biggest moral sacrifice ever.

Short, 9 Minutes, Germany, 2013


Cast: David C. Bunners, Wiebke Frost

Screenplay: Markus Staender

Director of Photography: Clemens Baumeister

Editing: Anna-Kristin Nekarda

Music: Karol Obara

Producer: Paul Iserentant & Jochen Gottlöber

In Coproduction with SWR/arte


Die Hand vor Augen

The young couple Micha and Anne decide to go on vacation for a weekend. On a rainy day, they find a young wounded man in the woods. Micha feels strongly attracted to the stranger and tries by all means to hide his secret affection.

Short, 26 Minutes, Germany, 2011


Cast: Matthias Faust, Franziska Weisz, Michael Trüstedt

Screenplay: Dustin Loose

Director of Photography: Clemens Baumeister

Editing: Gloria Zettel

Music: Dürbeck & Dohmen

Producer: Martin Backhaus, Nikola Vujacic



("Personal Injury")

On a sunny afternoon the young train driver Marc sees somebody in front of his train for the first time. The brakes are screaming and after his train stops, are there neverending seconds where he knows, that he killed a man. His colleagues and supervisors don't know how to handle him and are mute about it. But the pictures of the young man are chasing him night and day.

Short, 22 Minutes, Germany, 2009


Cast: Matthias Ziesing, Max Mauff, Hans-Martin Stier, Branko Tomovic, Michael Kind

Screenplay: Dustin Loose

Director of Photography: Jan Prahl, bvk

Editing: Gloria Zettel

Music: Karol Obara

Producer: Lan Hirche, Nikola Vujacic


Das Schuhwerk von Soldaten

("Soldier's Boots")

Thomas and Dido, a young boy and a girl, are hiding in a cellar, outside the last and horrible days of a war. They are hiding themselves and with them, their secret. Dido is pregnant and the child will be born very soon, but if it cries, it will betray them to the dark and soulless soldiers outside and they will all die immediately.

Short, 14 Minutes, Germany, 2008


Cast: Max Mauff, Alice Dwyer

Screenplay: Hendrik Schmitz

Director of Photography: Philipp Haberlandt

Editing: Dominik Kattwinkel

Music: Karol Obara

Producer: Tassilo Hallbauer, Antoine Ehrenberg


Rolltreppe abwärts

Feature Film, 73 Minutes, Germany, 2006


Cast: Timo Rüggeberg, Jürgen Haug, Ben Unterkofler, Justus Kötting u.a.

Screenplay: Martin Backhaus, Matthias Jochmann, Dustin Loose

based on the best-selling novel by Hans-Georg Noack

Producer: Christopher Zwickler & Dustin Loose

A SceneMissing Filmproduktion

Distributor: Zorro Film GmbH